A No B.S Guide To Growing Your Podcast Listenership and Monetizing Your Following

How To Get Your First 100,000 Podcast Downloads In Only 100 Days


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Multiple $18,000 coaching clients coming solely from the podcast

"If I'd known that there were guys like Luis who do all this, I would have started my podcast way sooner. So who knows how much money I've lost by not having my podcast up and running."

-Vince Del Monte

Landed a High Ticket Client Within Weeks of Launching!

"I loved working with Luis. His simple process & support I was able to launch my podcast despite my busy schedule. Today, my podcast is one of my favorite ways to reach potential clients. We continue to get steady leads from my podcast weekly!"
-Corrina Steward

Launched and Hit top 10 Podcast in Apple Podcast

"I just knew I wanted to be able to create content that was more than 60 seconds long. Luis just guided me through every single part of the process. Not just how to do it, but how to maximize the amount of downloads that you're getting."

-Steve Weatherford

How To Get Your First 100,000 Podcast Downloads In 100 Days Will Help You Discover...


✔ 22 Step Template To Finding Your P.A.F. (Podcast Audience Fit) 

Once you drill down and find your P.A.F. on page 15 you’ll fast track the content creation process, and pump out podcasts that interest, entertain and HOOK listeners and keep them staying and sharing for years..

✔ My Sneaky, But Completely Ethical Bag Of Tricks To Land A Seat On Almost Any Podcast Show…

Including a done for you email script that works 97% of the time to get you connected with other podcasters who can grow your show for you.

✔ Your Ultimate Podcast Secret Weapon

Step by Step LAUNCH Checklist… that will take you from inception to episode #1 of your show… with 6 tips to hack your way to the top of the charts from your very first show. (page 26)

✔ Do you want to get paid $30,000, first class travel, and speed race luxury cars in Vegas?

Just for being a guest on someone else’s podcast show?  I’ll show you how in a real life case study in Chapter 2.

✔ How to stake your claim as the “best podcast guest ever”... 

and win you massive favor with the top shows in your industry with my signature post-interview gifting strategy… (more on page 46)

✔ The Podcast Multiplier Formula...

That'll help you maximize impact (and revenue) from your podcast show… I’ll show you how to convert your episodes into blog articles… YouTube videos…  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram content and more.

✔ The #1 WORST mistake podcasters make when having a guest is asking the same, boring questions all the other podcasters asked them before…

I’ll show you how to STAND OUT and ask compelling questions that will leave your listeners on the edge of their seat! (more on page 58) 

✔ The Top 5 Easiest Places to Land Podcast Interviews Fast 

Most podcasters overthink getting PR and exposure on other shows. When you know where to look... and how to connect with other podcast hosts... you’ll be able to score 2-3 interviews a month like clockwork… I’ll show you how on page 37


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Not sure what questions to ask your guests? Or just want some fresh questions to change up your interview style? Use my private swipe file of podcast interview questions to create better interview that your listeners will rave about!



Meet Luis

With over 47 podcast launches in the past three years and over 5 million downloads under his belt as a producer, podcaster, and consultant, Luis has worked with some of the top named podcasts in the health & fitness, self-help, marketing & management, and business categories in iTunes. He has helped multiple partners (most companies call them clients) land on the Top 10 Charts in iTunes and the New and Noteworthy section.

Luis has been a pivotal component for the success of his partners who have increased media attention, generated new warm leads and revenue in excess of $110,000 through podcasting. He's obsessively passionate about podcasting, specifically the number of different ways entrepreneurs and brands can use a podcast, from a business development tool, customer relationship building asset, internal team communication tool to and obsessively fascinated with how to use the medium to “scale your influence” in an excessively loud and crowded market.

Luis started podcasting back in 2016 when he realized that the only part he actually liked about podcasting was the "recording part".  So, he decided to build a team and system that allows podcasters to do just that, thus he founded Podcast Domination.

Besides running Podcast Domination, Luis consultants on podcasting for entrepreneurs and brands looking to launch or grow their existing show, or for teams who want to teach their staff the proper systems and winning strategies for launching and growing a successful and popular podcast.

Other than that in his spare time, he loves to lift, run, travel, and acquire new skills like salsa dancing.