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Let me show how to add an additional 10k a month in as fast a 30 days with a simple podcast launch system
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Multiple $18,000 coaching clients coming solely from the podcast

"If I known that there was guys like Luis who do all this, I would have started my podcast way sooner. So who knows how much money I've lost by not having my podcast up and running."

-Vince Del Monte

Landed a High Ticket Client Within Weeks of Launching!

"I loved working with Luis. His simple process & support I was able to launch my podcast despite my busy schedule. Today, my podcast is one of my favorite ways to reach potential clients. We continue to get steady leads from my podcast weekly!"
-Corrina Steward

Launched and Hit top 10 Podcast in Apple Podcast

"I just knew I wanted to be able to create content that was more than 60 seconds long. Luis just guided me through every single part of the process. Not just how to do it, but how to maximize the amount of downloads that you're getting."

-Steve Weatherford

The Profit-Ready Launch Live Masterclass will help you build out a profitable podcast launch designed to help you monetize quickly without a massive audience.  


You'll leave with a personalized plan built around your business to launch a profitable show whenever you want.  


In addition, this masterclass will walk you through how to uniquely create multiple new revenue streams in your business with the podcast you launch.


Dear Online Coach or Consultant,

Could imagine launching a podcast in a few weeks that...

  • Creates a brand new revenue stream in your business without the need for Facebook Ads or referrals (most clients add an additional 5 to 10k a month without any prior podcasting experience)

  • Gets you recognized at live events (when we get back to them) as the host of the top podcast in your niche

  • Helps you STOP having to hang out in Facebook groups to land clients or start awkward messenger conversations with prospects

  • Not having to worry about losing your business overnight thanks to an ad account getting shut down or an algorithm change

  • Has a documented system to monetize your podcast without ads, sponsors, or a large following (just a good offer and booking link)

Having more PIF's instead of "I have to think about it's" sales calls with prospects who binge listen to all your podcast episodes.


Hey, I'm Luis Ryan Diaz, and not too long ago I was an online trainer with nothing going for me. 
It wasn't until I decided to "try" and figure out this podcasting thing that I actually got something right...

You see after failing miserably with the first show I was able to figure a few things out.

After several months with my second show, I was monetizing it through selling my own coaching offers on the back end.

And for the past three years, I've helped dozens of coaches and consultants launch podcasts that have created new revenue streams for their businesses.

Now... I'd be blatantly LYING to you if I said everything has pretty much gone as planned since we started it definitely has not LOL

We've had our fair share of mistakes, problems, flops, screw-ups, and "oh CRAP" moments.

But out of those mistakes has come podcast launch secrets and strategies that you can't get if you're not in the trenches every day like we are.
Little did I know that this was the blueprint we would soon use to help our clients be the same... 



Now if you're a busy coach or consultant it's likely your biggest constraint is TIME and KNOWLEDGE.

Also, I'm sure 80% or more of your clients come from one traffic source..(cue the scary music)

Here's the thing I know after working with hundreds of podcasters...

#1  It's likely you don't have the time to sit down and figure out a launch strategy that's going to be profitable.

#2  Unfortunately there's a massive gap around proven podcast monetization strategies for selling high-end programs and services.

Lots of gurus will tell you to monetize with donations, sponsors, Pateron, etc but for the modern-day online coach, this is COMPLETE A WASTE OF TIME

It's no wonder why many coaches and consultants are unsure of whether or not podcasting makes sense for them.

Or if it's worth their time. 

I can't blame them. 

#3 As a business owner you're putting yourself, your family, and your business at huge risk depending on a social media platform that's always changing.


It's Up To You Now

I won't belabor the point here. If you're still reading this you're looking for a reason to say YES or a reason to say NO.

So here it is:

This masterclass is just $97 get all the funnels, slides, templates, and tools I'm going to share.

Normally it's more than $5,000 to get access to this stuff but for Black Friday this will open to the public at just $97. 

Oh, and if you hate it, or think I suck you just let me know and I'll give you a full refund and you can tell me to go kick rocks. 

So it's up to you...

Option A: Click off this page and launch your podcast alone, and figure things out on your own. 


Option B: Attend the masterclass and have me by your side helping you craft your profit ready launch, so you come out the gate with a personalized game plan for building a new revenue stream with your podcast.

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