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Why the Podcast Celebrity Effect Creates More Cash Flow For Your Business & PIF's

monetize Feb 11, 2021

One of our new clients shared a great story with me recently of how he was called a "podcast celebrity" on a sales call and it made step back to think about what exactly that is and how to recreate it for others.

If you've ever gotten on a call with someone who is a total fan of your work, you'll know what I'm talking about here.



- sound a bit nervous

- speak fast

- there's instant rapport

- they are happy to be on the call


This celebrity effect makes sales calls easier, gives you more room for error and a higher likelihood closing the sale with a PIF.


Specifically there's two ways podcasting helps increase your odds of landing more of these kind of calls if you're a coach, consultant or service provider.


#1 You can use your podcast to crush the limiting beliefs of your audience and break through objections before they come up.

#2 Teaching and speaking on your podcast creates a better fluid display of expertise when your on the phone selling or talking online or in person


This puts people at ease when b/c they know you know what you talking about.


The end benefit for your as a business owner is that you have:

- Better cash flow

- Your Cost per acquisition was zero

- No affiliate commissions

- A happier more trusting client (b/c they were indoctrinated via the podcast)


THE ONE THING I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER IS that when you have a well put together podcast can make PIF's a regular thing, give you more cash flow and ultimately help you scale faster.



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