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Use the Prescription Method to Close More Deals and Create Super Fans

scale May 07, 2021

I was texting a seasoned podcaster the other day when he shared with me this amazingly simple but highly effective way of getting your podcast out there...It takes a little work but if your coaching, consultant or a service provider selling high end service then this can literally be the exact system you and your team use to turn the podcast into a client generating machine

Let's hop in!


So I was texting a friend the other day asking him some questions about marriage. I'm a new husband and I personally feel I make a lot of mistakes being a newbie at this I always look to seek out an expert to shorten my path and with the end hope of making LESS mistakes and learning from someone else!

So .... He and I were going back and forth and when he knew what I needed help with he used what I'm going to call the podcast prescription method...

Let me explain - since he's going hundreds of podcasts he's talked about just about every know problem there is in marriage lol

So instead of explaining is again to me in a text he simple prescribed 3 episodes of his podcast to me and said listen to these it will give you some deep thoughts on this topic these episodes were from last year and some were from 2 or 3 years ago...

He does that ALL THE TIME with people who have questions on SM or people who ask him questions via email...

ALL day he and his team are "Prescribing" the podcast to people...

This does 4 things,

  1. Makes it easier for his team to support their followers with deep answers
  2. Increases his downloads
  3. Gives the listener a better answer than a quick 2 sentence explanation in a IG Chat
  4. And it makes it feel like they are listening with intentions b/c he told them aka prescribed that episode for their situation...

He's leveraging the podcast as a GIANT FAQ board that also serves people at a deeper level and warms them up!


Now for you if you have a sales team or you're jumping on the phone or zoom with prospects all the time you should have some episodes that you think would help people or answer objections or simple show people that you can help them BEFORE they speak to you or your team...

For example, a simple way to do this is to interview your success stories

so next time you get on the phone with someone who is SIMILAR to a past client you can send them the podcast episode and actually get them to listen

Now they may or may not listen but you can have it there as a piece of pre-call content to increase your conversions...


Now practically what you can do is model something we call our podcast tracker which is a google sheet FULL of all our podcast episodes..

IF you have a Google sheet with the names, episode number, link and some info for who this is for your team then your sales setters and sales team can SEND it prior to the call.

You can also use it for an FAQ.... this serves your clients better and increases


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