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Unlocking Podcast Profits with Hiro.Fm for Coaches, Course Creators and Experts with Carla White

scale Dec 28, 2020

Are you in the info business but not converting your content or offers into what you have envisioned it to be? 

I am excited about today's episode because our guest Carla White, is not only a life and business coach but is known as the “Top Women in Tech''. She is the first woman to launch a mobile app which has been in the top charts for over 11 years. Today we are going to dive-in at the killer app she has created that has helped and will help podcasters, course creators, influencers, authors and all those in the info business to increase the consumption of their content, increase lead magnets and revenue streams or even resell access to their audio products.

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In this episode:

  • Carla White’s background in the tech space, her amazing story and her pivot from the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. 
  • What brought Carla in the podcast space?
  • How has Covid become the light under the fire and create the app Hiro.fm
  • How can the app give infopreneurs or the businesses as much information about their listeners
  • Other ways that people are leveraging on Hiro.fm
  • New stuff that will come with the app in its re-release by January 2021 that Carla is excited about. 



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