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Tough Love: 5 Reasons Why Your Podcast Is Not Growing

growth Oct 28, 2020

Truth is ….. 

- Focusing and thinking too much about XXXX and you need to change your thinking to YYYYYYY

- Not strategic with their content (Focus on Pain/Solution) content not Random AF interviews unless you're just wanting to podcast and sound like everyone else

- Your not promoting your own stuff. (70/30 split) 

- Need to redo your artwork and Possibly the name of the show b/c its too broad and boring

- Focusing too much on the next new hack instead of trying to enter the conversation inside them mind of your ideal listener (its not hacks, its about creating stuff that makes your listener change their beliefs) 

- Your focusing too much on getting more listeners and no on converting the ones you already have >>>>GREEN LIGHT OFFER

- Speaks to the perfect client problem

- Scarcity (Time/quantity/ Discount going away/ limited spots / bonuses going away)

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