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Top 3 Takeaways from the Podcast Growth and Monetization Workshop

growth Mar 19, 2021

1. No one really leverages Authority Hijacking as much as they should.

You should be putting your picture next to your guest pic if you take the time to interview them b/c when /, if they share your name and episode, will be on it. 

And you want to be strategic and research what keywords you want to rank you and see who is ranking for them now ...maybe that person is the person you interview.


2. Your mess is your message.

If you've failed in business or have gone through something then it needs to be talked about. It makes you stand out, it makes you realize it and it cannot be copied. I believe God gave you the path for a reason, so there an opportunity in the destruction or mess.  


3. Repetition is the mother of skill.

If you think everyone in your audience has heard a message by you saying it once or twice you're wrong......  If you have a message that is already tested meaning its already getting you clients and you haven't used it on the podcast then why not??



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