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Scaling from 60K Months to 400k Months (0 to 20k dls) with Brian Mark

scale May 03, 2021

Do you want to learn how to explode your business through podcasts? In this episode, you will know what's working in their podcast or what's working in their business and some tips that you can implement right now for your business. My guest is a fellow fitness buff, a fired up guy and friend, Brian Mark who had a business doing 60k a month, but with the podcast it really took him to the next level. You'll be able to see how he did it all from his perspective and get some great takeaways for your own content strategy. If you're looking for an edge over other businesses out there then this episode is perfect for you! 


In this episode:

- Understanding social capital

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Double or triple your reviews by following this one tip

- Two tips that every podcaster should know in order to grow their shows.

- A recommendation from Luis to push for more reviews

- Grow your show with the Prescription Method

- Learn how to make a marketing plan for your podcast and get free advertising


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