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How to Pivot Your Podcast & Lessons Learn From Landing Clients From Her New Podcast with Jess Jacobsen

growth Apr 27, 2021

Jess Jacobsen is a social media strategist and host of the Social Strategy Slayer podcast. She's also a former client of ours! In this episode, we'll talk about how she pivoted her podcast to be more successful and what lessons she learned from landing clients through her podcast. We'll also chat about how the podcast has helped grow her business.

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In this episode:

- Jess’ learnings in podcasting that are valuable for people who want to be in the podcasting space?

- How to use the podcast to niche down and use it as an asset in the market that you are serving?

- A selfish question from Jess for Luis on how his agency sees social media working on the promotion of a podcast. 

- What is the Core Piece of Content (CPC) process and how to distribute it and make it work holistically to all funnels? 




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