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How to Maximize Your ROI with Spotify Ads, and Monetize Your Show with just a 100 downloads with Chris Krimitsos

monetize Aug 24, 2021

I just had an amazing conversation with my good friend, Chris Krimitsos, and I found some of the things we talked about to be highly valuable to podcasters like you. Yes, Chris is that kid on the next block who’s always in constant search of fresh knowledge, and a firm believer of experience as the best teacher, bar none! If you’re wondering how to get the most out of Spotify Ads and earn 7 figures from your podcast shows even with minimal downloads, he will teach you how to do just that. Learn advanced tactics and advance knowledge from this guy as he is always in the cutting edge stuff, and leverage his experience to gain wisdom on who to use this knowledge and tactics for. 

In this episode: 

[4:41] Learn the importance of knowing those who know what’s going on, who the BIG players are, and how to have HIGH frequency hit from your specific targets

[7:03] There’s a more ideal way to market your podcast - go local! Understand how you can leverage Spotify ads to create a pattern that targets specific individuals who resonate with your content.

[11:29] Find out how newsletters can put your brand in a specific industry and the critical mass point all creators and podcasters should look forward to!

[23:24] Convert your niche into profit! Discover what you need to do well to monetize your podcast even if you have very few downloads and the value that comes with good branding! 


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