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How Our Agency Clients Generate 10k Plus with the C.A.P. Sponsorship Model

monetize Nov 23, 2020

In this episode I will share with you a cool conversation with a client who implemented the C.A.P. Sponsorship Model and has started to generate 10k plus monetizing his podcast. If you are about to launch your podcast or already into podcasting but want to scale more, this episode is for you. You will know why I recommend C.A.P. (Custom Advertising Packages) vs C.P.M. (Cost Per Mille) and what’s the difference between the two. Plus information on the live training special that I will conduct this coming Black Friday. Don’t miss out on this episode because this is really loaded.


In this episode:

  • What is the CAP model and how to use it in your podcasts?
  • C.A.P. (Custom Advertising Packages) vs C.P.M. (Cost Per Mille) 
  • In-depth explanation of the CAP in my book, "How to Get Your First 100K Downloads in 100 Days" with a video module
  • My Two Options/Recommendations as to whom you can do the CAP model with
  • Information on the Black Friday Special Live Training to share what we have learned from launching our 55 podcast and generating over 6M downloads
  • The Price Levels and what are included in the package



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