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growth Nov 29, 2020

We are having a training in this episode so that you can maximize your podcast promotion and implement it into your own business. I have seen it all and believe me, most podcasters have a problem with - what happens after the podcast goes live. Does it stop there? Definitely not! There are yet several things to do, like checking how your podcast can get into the hands of the people who are going to want to listen because your podcast episode can solve a problem that they have. How do you get it into the hands of your customers? Or, how do you nurture the existing leads that you have with your podcast, to be able to close a sale. I have a great tool that you can use so that you can see growth in your organic marketing. So listen to the very end and check how to avail of this great system to maximize your podcast promotion.

In this episode:

  • The problems that most podcasters face after their podcast goes live.
  • The spreadsheet that I am using which is a linear process to go from idea, the recording phase, to launch and then ultimately, promotion



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