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Finding Guests For Your Show That Help You Scale Your Reach & Profits

growth Mar 16, 2021

"How do I find great guests that can help me fill your pipeline, grow my audience and produce content that gives me more exposure?"

We get this from a some clients coming in to the Profit Ready Launch Program

First it's pretty easy to find guests these days since everybody and their mother wants exposure.

But here's the problem

  • Guests don't deliver immense value
  • Guests have bad audio quality
  • Guests rarely promote

Guests aren't interested building a relationship that's is mutually beneficial (partnerships, JV's, etc.)

Guests are their on their own agenda not yours

Truth is as the host of the podcast this is your damn fault...not theirs.

This is a hard pill to swallow for most of you.

To build this right we've designed a way to go about this so you DONT waste time interviewing people who help you won't further your mission.

  • Part One: Identifying your profit ready guesting niche
  • Part Two: Finding them online (shared below)
  • Part Three: Onboarding them through the perfect podcast guest funnel to communicate expectations, and indoctrinate them into how to podcast...


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