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Client Case Study- 0 to 500k Downloads in Less Than 1 Year with Katie Ferraro

launch Apr 20, 2021

If you are launching a podcast now, you will learn tons in today's ’Where Are They Now Series’, a catch up episode with one of my clients. We linked up early in 2020 and around Mother's Day and amidst the pandemic, she dauntlessly launched her podcast, Baby Led Weaning. Now her podcast continues to rank no. 2 in the parenting category and has been crushing in on 500K downloads in less  than a year. You’ll be amazed at how Katie Ferraro took on the strategies that she has learned in the program and how she has created her own initiatives to leverage the success of her podcast. 


In this episode:

- Discover the strategies Katie uses to grow her podcast

- Hear from an experienced podcaster and learn what helped them make it as big as they have 

- What’s keeping them at #2 in the parenting category 

- How does she monetize your show?






Connect with Katie:


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