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Build Influence With These 3 Types of Podcast Episodes

growth Oct 14, 2020

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#1. "Entry Point" Episodes


3 Best Tools To Automate your Inbox and Save 4+ Hours a Week on Email 

How to Write a Cold Email That Gets High Response Rate

3 ways to easily be more productive TODAY.

Why make this content

It's easy to make. There's some SEO benefit with these episodes

It's easy to create a CLEAR benefit rich hook/title with these episodes. It will get CLICKS for months and years. It's the perfect kind of content you need as an "entry point" for new listeners who do not trust you. 

Creates results in advance (if someone used those tools they will likely see value and you're podcast will be attached to that memory) 

#2 Conversion Episodes

Here you're taking that attention you built previously and then getting them to believe in your ability to help them.  

There are two main types of "conversion episodes" I use that will show people you can serve them. 

Example #1 - Silent Testimonials 

How James Scaled His Podcast Traffic 3x in 90 days with the Growth Pyramid System 

This is where a client is just talking about the process and results they got, how they felt before and how they felt after, no hard pitching or pushing.

Example #2 - Laser Coaching 

LIVE AUDIT with James: How to Scale You Podcast Traffic (AKA Hot Seats) 

This is where you bring someone on and audit their business, routines, systems, ads etc..

Whatever it is that you're the expert in, bring someone on and show them LIVE how you can help them. 

(I have a template on how to do an episode like this..step by step pm me if ya want it) 

Example #3: Case Studies 

Where you can talk about a client's results/ story/ problems/ what they were feeling etc

Why make this content: 

It makes people aware of what you sell

 It makes people award of what kind of results they can achieve

Usually people in your audience will be struggling with similar things so you'll have some people reach out to you after if you strike a BIG pain point. 

It creates authority for you in your space.

Should provide an easy next step for someone who wants to go deep with you.


You can also teach a framework methodology and mention case studies/clients results to enhance the realness of what you are teaching. 

#3 Partnership Episodes

These are your interviews that are designed to reach people in other circles. Leveraging guests is easy but most people don't do it right.


3 Reasons WHY You Bring Someone on:

  • Sharing content that your audience CARES about (make sure its something people actually care about) 
  • Connect for future collaborations and relationship building (clients or partner)
  • Mutual Collaboration where you BOTH swap interviews 

Recommended to PLAN this 2 two weeks out (send an email to your list/ making a FB Event)

Have the links prepared. Possibly create a banner. Have a special offer for the audience 


How to pick a good guest:

  • Understands that they have a role in promoting this episode too before and after. 
  • Have an audience that you would like to connect with 
  • Can bring valuable insight and have some fun to the podcast episode.


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