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3 Ways To Use Podcasting for More đź’°Profits & Traffic For Business Owners

monetize Jul 22, 2020

What would happen to your business if you wake up tomorrow and Instagram or Facebook were shut down? For many people, this would be the end of their business. But for you, this is where podcasting comes in. All you need is some money to invest into the growth of your business, and the passion to do it. In this episode, I will explain the best way to spend your next $1,000 that will earn you money now and in the future. Listen now!


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Key Insights from the episode:

- How you can diversify your ads starting TODAY

- Why podcast guesting is a great way to advertise without being “sales-y”, but only if you do it right

- Why you need to spread your message and how to own the conversation 

- Why you should repurpose your content 




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