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3 Podcasting Tools You Should Actually Pay For

distribute Jun 29, 2020

Over the years, I have tried and paid for a number of different tools that I really shouldn’t have. So, I want you to learn from my mistakes. In this episode, I share with you 3 podcasting tools that I have tried, tested, and love. All three of these tools are used for growing your podcast and making it easier for your listeners to connect with you. This list includes: Textiful for conversion, Captivate for building, and Clipscribe for simply making you look good. Get my best advice on which tools to spend your valuable money on. 


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In this episode:

- How Textiful makes it easy for your listeners to subscribe to events, products, etc. that you are offering

- Why you should give listeners a number to text rather than linking a landing page

- Why Captivate is easier for distributing and growing your podcast

- Clipscribe is very accurate for transcribing, even for guests with strong accents

- Use Clipscribe to make fun, attention-grabbing clips for your social media




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