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Leveraging Existing Audiences For Explosive Podcast Growth with Manuj Aggarwal

monetize Mar 23, 2020

In order to get to where you want to go in life, you must know what you want first. In this episode Manuj Aggarwal speaks about his personal experience trying to figure out what he wanted in life, and how he had to face many struggles to get to where he is now as a successful CTO, running a kick-ass podcast show which started less than a year ago and has now more than 350 reviews. BOOM! 

Manuj lets you in on his secret for leveraging an audience for extremely fast growth, and all of the other extra steps and tools he had to learn and use along the way to help grow his podcast to where it is now..a journey he has truly loved.


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In this episode:

  • What are the mistakes he made early into his podcast show and what he would have done differently?
  • How he leverages his audience and the strategies he uses to continue to grow his audience
  • Learning tweaks and using other platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook as a tool to grow your audience
  • Importance of knowing one platform instead of managing them all
  • How his team is set up and who is in charge of doing what when it comes to research, social media and engagements


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