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In this exclusive, training I break down the 5 fastest ways to monetize your podcast. Some of these methods have been used by our clients to make as much as 10k per month.


Discover THE MULTIPLE opportunities that are available to you when you start leveraging your podcast a product not just like another "platform" 

Start generating revenue from your podcast today even if you're just starting out and have a small following.


Just like I did at 24 years old when barely ANYONE knew who the heck I was.


In this two-part training, you'll learn how to...

- Use the "C.A.P." sponsorship model our clients have used to generate up to $10k per month 

- Price and package your podcast for sponsors to make the maximum amount of the revenue with your show, yes even if you don't have a ton of listeners

- Pick the perfect monetization model for your business

- Find sponsors online in minutes

- Sell your coaching on your podcast to generate new applications with a green light offer 

- Discover how Dan Monetized 3 BRAND NEW podcasts in Under 1 year + the marketing strategy he used to scale their growth right out the gate

- Strategically invite guests to the RIGHT guests on your show to create deal flow, speaking opportunities, and JV partnerships 

- How to monetize through easy to create and package audio products that make the perfect next step for your existing podcast listeners. 



Yes Add The Podcast Monetization Models Training To My Order!

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